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Simplifying, Solving and Delivering Material Handling Solutions  

Are your conveyor systems not as efficient as they could be?

Are your warehouse operations insufficient to meet the needs of your business?

Are your rack storage systems unsafe to work around?

With our 24-hour response times and expertly trained staff, PHI is ready to help you rethink your material handling systems.

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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

With our extensive experience and relationships with a network of trusted manufacturers, PHI can conceptualize, design, install, and implement customized conveyor systems that add value to your operation.

Rack Inspections

Rack Inspections

Damaged or poorly constructed pallet racks can be dangerous. We help make sure your warehouse storage system is safe with progressive inspection options.

Robotic Systems

Robotic Systems

At PHI, we design robotics systems to automate product movement in material handling applications. Along with procuring and installing equipment, we provide safety design & protection, customer service, and training.

Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet Rack Systems

Optimize storage space and efficiency with our variety of pallet rack system design options and turnkey installation.



In 1991, PHI started as a small material handling equipment distributor, serving the Michigan and northern Indiana areas. Since then, the company has matured into one of the most well-known system integration firms in the country.

Our passion is to serve the industrial workforce in enhancing system solutions. In the pursuit of creative system design, PHI provides experienced product knowledge, system engineering, and project management that will bring any company into the future of material handling and automation.

Conveyor Systems

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At PHI, we know your business is unique and your material handling needs aren't exactly like anyone else's. From system design to maintenance, we customize solutions for your needs.

Learn more about what we do.

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Engineering Studies

We provide in-depth analysis of warehouse and production needs, labor waste, efficiency opportunities, and ergonomic improvements. If you're looking for a way to save, we will find a solution.

System Design

We offer creative and cost-effective ways to satisfy any material handling need. We pride ourselves on providing a variety of solutions to suit your business requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

Our highly trained staff check conveyor components, tighten up hardware, lubricate chains, and more to help keep your conveyor system up and running longer.

Replacement Parts

From conveyors to pallet racks, we can help you with all of your replacement part needs. Whether you need just one or several replacements, we can find the parts for you.

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