"Our projects are

a result of our relationships

and partnerships with 

our clients."

- Larry Boonstra 

PHI is committed to providing the best in system solutions, and therefore, trains and expects it's staff to provide the same. Our team members are experts in the industry. From project management to concept development, from engineering to accounting, every member of our team is a valued and trusted piece of how we operate.  


Daniel Boonstra

Sales Engineer

Daniel started his career as a mechanical engineer and has a passion for sales. He has the keen ability to hear the customer's issues, problems, and concerns and provide clear requirement to the engineering staff. 

Email:  daniel@progressivehandlinginc.com

Phone: 616-895-6822

Brian Kooiker_edited.jpg

Brian Kooiker

General Manager and Project Manager

Brian cam to PHI with an extensive background in industrial installation and project management. It is that experience that has allowed him to become a valued member of our team. Brian is not only responsible for managing PHI's projects, but also has a hand in picking up the responsibilities of the quoting and estimating team.

Email:  brian@progressivehandlinginc.com

Phone: 616-895-6822

Tricia Boonstra_edited.jpg

Trica Boonstra

Office Administrator/Certified Pallet Rack Damage Inspector

With her extensive background in office administration, Tricia brings a behind-the-scenes knowledge that continues to help move Progressive Handling into the future. From quoting to pallet rack damage inspections, Tricia is a valued member of the PHI office.

Email:  tricia@progressivehandlinginc.com

Phone: 616-895-6822


Larry Boonstra

System Sales and Concept Engineer

Larry has a vast knowledge of material handling stemming from his many years in the industry. He has the ability to see what will work for a customer and to bring the right solution to their project.

Email:  larry@progressivehandlinginc.com

Phone: 616-895-6822


Jayleen Webb


Jayleen has over 20 years experience with business management and accounting. From accounts receivable to invoicing and reconciling, Jayleen is a valuable member of the PHI team.

Email:  accounting@progressivehandlinginc.com

Phone: 616-895-6822

Patrick Tobin

Patrick Tobin

Quoting and Estimating

Patrick brings a fresh perspective to the office. His dedication to detail will help move PHI into the future.  

Email:  patrick@progressivehandlinginc.com

Phone: 616-895-6822


Alyssa Baird

Office Assistant

Alyssa has an extensive background in customer service and will be helping us to stay organized and handling day to day operations.

Email:  Alyssa@progressivehandlinginc.com

Phone: 616-895-6822