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Robotic Systems

Progressive Handling Inc. is here to provide innovative material handling solutions with the latest in robotics technology.


From design and engineering to procuring and installing parts, we provide a fully integrated robotics system to help your operation maintain high quality, productivity, and efficiency.

Robotic Systems

Why Choose PHI Robotics for Material Handling?

When we select and customize the appropriate robotic equipment for your facility, you’ll see a number of benefits to your material handling operations:

Consistent Quality & Speed

With an automated system, robotics are able to maintain a reliable standard of quality at a faster rate, increasing output while boosting production speed.

Cost Savings

Integrating PHI’s affordable, efficient robotics can reduce operating costs and scrap rates.

Injury Prevention

Robotics can safely execute tasks that would be hazardous for employees, reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace. 


Our robotics systems can easily integrate with your existing equipment, saving you further costs.

At PHI, we provide painstaking safety design and ongoing maintenance as well as training to ensure your team is fully equipped to operate the system easily and safely.

Safety & Simplicity

Image by Glen Carrie

How to Get Started

In three simple steps, you could be experiencing the benefits of a fully-integrated robotics system.

Step 1.

Start the Conversation

Call PHI and talk with an expert to get your robotic material handling project started. We will also provide a quote for your project.

Step 2.

Develop a Plan with Expert Help

We will work with you to design and implement a system customized to your facility’s unique material handling needs.

Step 3.

Start Producing More Efficiently

PHI robotics systems allow you to increase the quality and speed of your operations as well as reap cost savings. We will continue to offer support through training and maintenance, so you’ll never be without expert help.

Machine Arm Assembling Car

Common Uses for Material Handling Robots

At PHI, we can design robotic systems for a variety of product movements, depending on your business needs. Here are just a few applications and capabilities for robotics in material handling systems:

  • Part selection

  • Transferring

  • Packing

  • Palletizing

  • Loading and unloading

  • Machine feeding

  • Disengaging

  • Machine vision programming

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