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Pallet Rack Systems

PHI designs and installs the perfect storage solutions to maximize your warehouse space and streamline your operations.


When it comes to pallet rack systems, companies have a wide variety of rack storage systems to choose from to fulfill any type of warehouse product flow. PHI provides extensive case studies in order to design the correct and best-suited rack system for any given storage needs. Furthermore, PHI's professional turnkey installation ensures dependable strength and durability.

Pallet Rack Systems

Selective Rack Systems

These sturdy and streamlined shelving systems provide superior resistance to impact and capacity for heavy loads.

Pallet Flow Systems

Using wheels or rollers, these versatile systems are ideal for storing containers and pallets and provide excellent flexibility for changing storage needs.

Drive-in / Drive-thru

These systems are engineered to safely allow forklifts to operate in and under the structures, which can potentially double the storage capacity of a given area and reduce the need for extra aisles.

Pallet Rack

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